Snacking is probably one of my favorite things.  If you’re reading this and grew up in America, it’s probably one of your favorite things, too.  Snacks are awesome.  You don’t have to wait for that formal meal that is just too far away, just have “a little something” now.

I weighed in at 151.8 this week, so I’m feeling fairly confident that what I’m doing is working.  I figured I would take the time today to share some of my favorite snacks.  After the last post, you’re probably thinking that all I eat is salad, but there are a tons of things you can do with veggies and grains that are just downright delicious.

Snack #1: Edamame

My love for these frozen soybeans in pods knows no bounds. images Find these in the freezer section of any grocery store.  (They had them in Aldi last week, and I nearly bought their whole supply!)  You can’t eat the somewhat fuzzy outer shell, but you put the whole thing in your mouth to pull out the beans inside.  Heat them up in the microwave with a little coarse salt on top, and voila!  Healthy treats that can go up against your biggest salty snack craving.  Plus, edamame is soybeans, soybeans are fermented into tofu, and tofu is the go-to protein substitute for meat.  What does that mean?  Eating these little bits of heaven keeps you full for longer, and can stop a feeding frenzy in its tracks.  I’m going to be honest with you all here, I’m eating these while I write.

Snack #2: Oranges

I know, you’re calling lame on my suggestion of oranges, but it’s working for me.  Clementines are in season right now (as is most citrus) and they are the perfect snack.  When I was in visiting my parents for Christmas, they left a box full of clementines on the kitchen counter.  Every time my fiance or I were hungry, but not super hungry, we grabbed one.  We went through the whole box in a matter of days.  Clementines are super sweet, so they are a great candy substitue.  They are loaded with water and fiber, and Vitamin C.  Everything you need to avoiding catching a cold.  When we got back home, we tried to find some clementines, but they were either too small or a little rotten, so we started getting bags of oranges (naval oranges).  I put them in a bowl on the dining room table, and we have each been eating one or two a day.  They are messier than the easy-to-peel clementines, but they are a perfect after-dinner treat.

Snack #3: Pico de Galloimages

When I’m not really in an edamame mood (you know, when moving from the couch to the freezer to the microwave seems like a ridiculous amount of effort) I go for the chips and salsa.  I started this process buying pre-made pico at the grocery store (usually in the salad area).  That got expensive fast.  I would buy the little square tub, around four or five bucks, and then proceed to eat it in one or two sittings.  I would then wait a whole week before buying more, so I wouldn’t throw away all of my money on salsa.  Then I figured out I could make my own with a few cheap ingridients.  For the same amount as that tiny tub, I can make four times as much and have it for chips and salsa, burriots and tacos.  The flavor of pico is strong enough to hide the beans in most things.  I’m not a big bean fan.  If you want a recipe for pico, just google it.  It’s simple, and you can really just throw everything in a food processor or blender for really fast pico.  For the chips, make sure you pick a substantial chip that doesn’t have a lot of fat.  Don’t pick doritos.  My chip of choice for pico is pita chips.  They are low-fat and thick enough to handle the chunkiest salsa.  if you want to use a tortilla chip, make sure that you mince your ingredients.  Nobody likes broken chips hanging out in the salsa.

Snack #4: Coconut Ice Cream

It’s not really ice cream.  It looks like it, smells like it, and tastes like it, but technically there’s no cream.  I’m not sure it’s healthier than regular ice cream, but I eat it in a healthy way.  I don’t do it every day, maybe every other or less.  I eat only a quarter cup to a half cup and load it up with frozen berries.  The end product is about a cupful of deliciousness.  Eat it slowly to allow the berries to defrost slightly.  Feel free to add some chocolate syrup.  Eat it in a mug or a very tiny bowl.  There’s some psychology behind it, but if you only put a tiny amount of something in a large bowl, your brain thinks you’re starving yourself and you want more.  If you eat out of a mug, the ice cream/berry mixture completely fills it.  Also a plus, your hand doesn’t get cold holding it.

As always, thanks for reading.


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