Eating while travelling can be a challenge.   While travelling, most people are away from the comforts of home, their usual food, and sometimes even away from a way to cook food.  All of these things cause stress on the digestive system.  Even if your travel is taking you on an all-expense paid cruise, with included meals (sounds amazing, right?) your body is still experiencing stress from ingesting foods that are not normal for you.  This kind of stress can cause over-eating, under-eating, and possibly can trigger your body’s response to store more fat.

The solution is easy: travel with food.  If you live in the same country as you are travelling (for example, California to Virginia) there is probably going to be a national chain that matches up to something close to home.  If that doesn’t work, try to find a similar brand of food. What’s even easier is to save half (or a quarter) of your suitcase for dry foods. If you like a particular type of pasta, bring it with you. If there is a certain type of seasoning that you have found to be particularly versatile, pack that too.

Travelling with food has become a necessity with shorter flights. In order to cut costs, most economy-class flights no longer provide a snack if you are taking a shorter flight. Having recently taken a three-hour flight, I found that not having my own food was a huge problem. The food in the airport was expensive, so I opted for a smaller snack, remembering the pretzels and/or cookies that I had eaten on previous flights. I was starving by the time I arrived at my destination, complete with stomach cramps and nausea from the landing. DO NOT DO WHAT I DID. Bring some snacks.

Another issue while travelling is eating out frequently. It can be hard to maintain a healthy diet while being exposed to large portion sizes and decadent meals. If you can bring leftovers back to your hotel, order something that you wouldn’t mind reheating. Then, only eat half. You’ll have a whole other meal for the price of going out once. If taking leftovers back isn’t an option for you, make sure you order food with a friend. Splitting food between two or three people is a good way to keep portion sizes down. (It’s also a good way to keep costs down)

So, next time you’re ready to go down the shore for a weekend, or fly to the otherside of the planet, pack some food for the journey.

Thanks for reading.


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